We offer workshops in making paper mache masks & puppets! Workshops can be for children of all ages, adults, or whole communities. They can be hosted in schools and monasteries.

The making can be done simply in a few hours, or more intricately over the course of a week. Materials for the base layer of a puppet or mask might range from crushed newspaper and masking tape to clay and hay tied onto a wooden armature. All materials are readily available, cheap, or even free. Workshops usually end in performance. Rehearsals can last 5 minutes for simple shows or a week or more for complex projects. Workshop participants can join a shows that already exist or create their own stories from their own impulses.

We offer workshops in:

  • Hand puppet making

  • Mask work

  • Giant puppets

  • Performance [dance, song, puppet, mask]

  • Cantastoria, drawing & visual story telling


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