Bitter Fruits & Combat Boots; a Hip Hopera

Bitter Fruits juxtaposes Amy Trompetter’s hand puppets with East Harlem rap poet Not4Prophet’s writing and rapping. This show is appropriate for late night poetry slams, open mics, families, intrepid teachers and lively middle and high school children.

Punch & Judy

The wicked humor of Amy’s 10-minute solo show is delightfully irreverent and universally loved by permissive adults and daring children. It has stormed five continents for over 30 years, and is famed for a large skirt that lifts over the head and transforms into a stage.Selected Punch and Judy venues include: Sinterklaas, Rhinebeck, NY (2013); St. Petersburg Russia (2004); Japan (in Japanese 1991); Botswana (in Setswana 1986); Alberta, Canada (1981); Caracas, Venezuela (in Spanish 1979); Nancy, France (in French 1977);  Pontedera, Italy (in Italian 1976).


Punch & Mr. Pilgrim

Punch & Mr. Pilgrim is a short cantastoria, or series of sung narrative paintings, based on an old Burmese morality play. It questions the value of hoarding since we must let go of everything in the end. It works to prevent Pilgrim Pipelines from coming through the Hudson Valley with explosive crude oil.


Punch & Pretty Polly or The Tipping Point

This family show is inspired by a medieval morality play, The Second Shepherd’s Pageant. Punch steals a sheep, pretends it is his new-born baby, cross-dresses and gets discovered. Finally, Polly’s baby speaks from the womb and gives a message of hope.