Fantasque is an ebullient and magical pageant created by two brilliant artists; choreographer John Heginbotham teams up with puppeteer Amy Trompetter to craft a new ballet for audiences of all ages. The devil, fish men, a baby, a team of rats, and a big blue angel dance along side humans in this epic new story.


Requiem for Anna Politkovskaya

Requiem for Anna Politkovskaya commemorates the life and death of a Russian journalist who persisted in her clear-eyed reporting on the war in Chechnya despite multiple death threats. Anna was murdered on October 7, 2006.

THE Animals in winter

The Animals in Winter, a story by George Dennison, is ideal for performing with large groups of children in a short amount of time. The children in the story invite all manner of animals into the house in their parents’ absence. The children in the show wear animal masks on top of their heads. They invent movements and sounds by imagining what thoughts might be passing through the heads of the animals.

BERNARDA ALBA & Garcia Lorca

This show parallels Lorca's tumultuous life with his famous work, Bernarda Alba. The story, developed by students and later performed at Saint Anne's Warehouse, studies the character of Bernarda Alba and her forshadowing of Lorca's death at the hand's of Franco's fascism in Spain.