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Redwing Blackbird Theater uses the art of puppetry to sing out with the varied nuances and overtones of our pre-language state of being. Puppets can express what cannot be said in words. Puppets also use words to say things that people cannot say, and they get away with it. We bring puppets into communities and make shows and parades with people who do not normally do theater. We also work with professionals making giant puppet operas with full orchestra and singers, and new music and puppetry pieces in collaboration with composers. Our most recent international work was in Thailand, and then in Burma for the initiation of a theater school. Over the past 40 years our most effective workshops have been in refugee camps in Africa and prisons in New York State. Now we are making puppet parades and shows to support Occupy Wall Street encampments on the east coast.

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Click below to read and download a booklet on the history of Redwing Blackbird Theater.

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413 Main Street
P.O. Box 518
Rosendale, NY

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(845) 658-7651


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